Just as sure as the cool fall weather begins to arrive in Georgia, so does the threat of unwanted pests in and around our homes. No matter if you’re a homeowner in Forsyth, Fulton, Hall, Gwinnett, or any of the other North Georgia counties, this is the time of year when wild animals such as squirrels, mice, raccoons, and sometimes even opossums begin to wander ever closer to your home for the warmth it provides during the cold of winter.


By Any Means Necessary

Always in search of food and a safe, warm haven, rodents such as squirrels and mice will do whatever it takes to stay warm and fed during the colder, harsher months of the year. Incredible climbers and foragers, squirrels and other rodents can access the recesses of your home via ways and paths that might seem otherwise unreachable. Attic vents, roof vents, gable vents, and wall vents are just a few of the many different ways a squirrel, mouse, or bird can enter your house.


Am I Hosting Unwanted Critters in My House?

If you ever hear strange noises above your ceiling or in your walls, it could mean that unwanted pests have already found space in the hidden spots in your house. In addition to other obvious signs such as rodent droppings and nesting materials, there are some far less obvious signs that your house could be harboring some unwanted pests, as well. While most might not think anything of a flickering light, tripped power breaker, or singed wall outlet, inexplicable electrical issues could all be indications of a squirrel, mouse, or other rodent chewing on electrical wiring, which of course, could lead to a hazardous fire.


Hazardous to Health

While these pests are only doing what comes naturally, and they mean no intentional harm to you, your family, or your house, the risk they pose is real and potentially dangerous. Aside from the aforementioned hazard to your home and property, squirrels and other rodents can carry harmful diseases such as rabies, salmonellosis, and tularemia. They’re also known to carry ticks, which are known to carry Lyme disease. Not only can they pose a disease risk via direct contact, but squirrels and rodents can also pose a risk to humans via their feces, urine, and other waste material.


Call an Expert for Help

If you’re seeing signs of a squirrel or other rodent that may have entered the recesses of your house, it may be time to call Wild Trappers to help you rid your home of its unwanted guests. Not only will Wild Trappers remove squirrels, rodents, and other forms of unwanted nuisance wildlife from inside your home, but they will also work proactively to defend your home by securing open access points of entry to keep them out. Additionally, they can clean the infested spaces and remove waste, droppings, and the nesting materials the critters left behind.


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